Comment from Paul Mason, Managing Director, regarding UK airport liquids and electronics policy review

Friday, November 25, 2022

“Conventional 2D X-ray scanners used in UK airports have been far surpassed by 3D computer tomography (CT). CT scanners generate a rotating 360° image that allows airport security to review baggage content in 3D, allowing for an unquestionably clearer understanding of the dimension, size, and position of items in a bag, leading to greatly improved threat detection. 2D X-ray scanners only provide a plan and cross-section (2D) image of the contents and as a result, the compact and complex bag contents lead to time-consuming hand searches. With the introduction of the most advanced threat image recognition technology in the world to the UK, the improved detection threshold means a shorter time frame for security checks, meaning shorter queues at airports, greater detection of prohibited items and reduced risk to the travelling public.

The switch to CT scanners (which has capabilities similar to an MRI scanner) provides significantly better imagery than a 2D X-ray scanner. By introducing this technology to our UK airports, aviation security will be ahead of the terrorist threat – there will be nowhere to hide explosives in luggage – and so this is an absolutely ground-breaking development for the industry and the future security of the travelling public.

Baggage screeners will require different training to operate the CT scanners – for example, on how to remain orientated when looking at rotating images and how to dice and splice images - and a higher level of technical knowledge to use the machines effectively, allowing them to more confidently fulfil their crucial role in keeping people safe and secure.

Looking ahead, threat image recognition technology scanners operated by well-trained screeners will be combined with AI, to provide even higher levels of security.”

Redline Assured Security is a certified CT training service provider offering CT threat image recognition training via their newly launched TIRT product, with world-leading training facilities at the National Safety and Security Academy (NSSA) an ICAO-accredited facility.