Supporting Operators with AOSPs (Aircraft Operator Security Programme)

Thursday, February 18, 2021

The holders of Airline Operating Licences and Air Operator’s Certificates (AOC) have been required to act swiftly on the approach to the UK leaving the European Union to ensure they can continue to operate in and out of the UK and EU. The UK CAA instructed air transport operators to submit their Aircraft Operator Security Programme (AOSP) also referred to as Airline Security Operating Programme (ASOP) in accordance with ICAO Annex 17 requirements by 31st December 2020 in line with when the transition period ends.

UK commercial air transport operators have until now implemented EU baseline measures from EC 300/2008 and EU 2015/1998 when writing an AOSP. Having left the EU, UK primary legislation now defaults to the international measures of ICAO Annex 17. Thus, the need for AOCs in some cases to completely rewrite their AOSPs. It is not a case of simply removing references to EU and replacing them with ICAO, it is a much more complex process to compose an AOSP as well as ensuring the AOSP is approved by the CAA. Getting it just right is not easy – too much detail will impact the operation and not enough will not cover the essential baseline measures.

We work with many commercial air transport operators in the creation of AOSPs including most recently JOTA and 2Excel, and were pleased to receive the following feedback:

“With Brexit looming the requirement to ensure Jota Aviation’s ASOP met with all the ICAO requirements was pressing, particularly as it is now required for the foreign permit application process. Our demanding request with tight deadlines was met with a willingness from Redline to satisfy our requirements.

 The ASOP was delivered within timescales with the added bonus of CAA acceptance, in today’s more demanding environment with newer and tougher challenges daily it was pleasing that Redline were able to assist and deliver on their promise of a quality product.” Jeff Fieldhouse ‘Head of Operations and Compliance’ Jota Aviation.

 We recently supported 2Excel in delivering their AOSP before the Brexit deadline of 31st December. The achievement of not only submitting the AOSP on time, but also gaining approval from the CAA, is testament to the exemplary performance of the Redline staff and 2Excel’s commitment to working seamlessly with us, thus ensuring their continuing compliance and operations.

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Whether you’d like a review of your AOSP, help with the creation of your AOSP or a full bespoke AOSP created on your behalf, we are on hand to assist. For more information or to contact us