Supporting our clients with virtual security solutions

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The CAA recently issued an update regarding security management systems (SeMS) and Covid-19 resilience, commenting that aviation security (AvSec) culture remains more important than ever, especially given the prolonged impact that Covid-19 has had on the aviation industry. At Redline, we wholeheartedly agree with this statement and have continued focusing our efforts on supporting the industry with our digital SeMS, wide range of training and consultancy solutions.


As noted by the CAA in their recent update, their move to mandate SeMS has been understandably delayed due to Covid-19. However, our digital SeMS remains a priority for us throughout 2021 and beyond, with our in-house technical remaining focused on delivering a digital SeMS solution. As the UK broke from the EU the DfT have released new regulation. Our in-house AvSec SMEs have conducted a gap analysis and are in the process of updating digital SeMS so our clients have the very latest regulation to refer to.

 Clients using our digital SeMS solution have harnessed the benefits during the pandemic, whilst homeworking has been the “new normal”. Our solution can reduce the time the auditor has to spend within the operation or in an office environment handling paperwork during the pandemic. With operational duty managers entering data into their SeMS it becomes available to all who use it – without the need to visit the operation or workplace.  Tablets are used during the operation to capture the data at the time of the task, including any necessary supporting pictures or videos (which can also form part of the automated report generation process) and instantaneously populates various reports, graphs, and risk matrixes throughout the system. It also removes the need to go back to the office, to conduct the time-consuming and often tedious task of filing, re-entering data or extracting data from previous audits. Not only does Redline’s digital SeMS remove the need to go to the office, it provides a reduction in time spent on the task, while providing a direct improvement on efficiency and an indirect cost saving.

 Security Training Solutions

Working with the aviation industry throughout Covid-19, we have reviewed and developed ways in which to support our customers. On a regular basis we continue to explore ways to provide Covid-safe support and training to our customers, to ensure they remain compliant while at the same time, continuing to develop their security culture. We put in place a range of Covid-19 secure measures to ensure a safe environment for any delegates attending courses at our Doncaster training centre.

In addition to this, in accordance with CAA guidelines, we have launched virtual courses to provide further support to our clients. Our ASM – Aviation Security Manager (Recurrent) and RFX Instructor (Recurrent) courses can be both delivered virtually, with full authority from DfT. (Link to courses)

Our expert team remain on hand to discuss your security requirements and explain further how we may be able to assist you with developing your SeMS security culture.