We offer a range of aviation security courses under our academy programme, all of which, with the exception of RFX Initial, can be delivered at your location.

Course categories

Aviation Security Manager (ASM)

This course is for Aviation Security Managers to understand the legal framework for aviation security, and their role and responsibilities in ensuring their security programme, and its implementation


Recognition of Firearms and Explosives (RFX) Instructor Course

This course is essential for those Aviation Security Instructors who are required to deliver the RFX modules which reside within Aviation Security syllabi; e.g. General Security Officer / Supervisor, Cargo, In-Flight Supplies, etc.


Threat Assessor (TA)

This course is designed to ensure those responsible for making aviation security decisions in response to receipt of a threat are able to do so in accordance with the UK DfT Threat Assessment process


Ground Security Supervisor (GSS)

This course is designed to provide the supervisors of ground security operatives at an airport with the relevant knowledge and skills to provide effective security in accordance with the relevant legislation


Ground Security Operative (GSO)

This course is designed to provide those responsible for implementing effective security measures within an airport Security Restricted Area (SRA) and associated Critical Part (CP) with confidence and competence to undertake their duties


Aircrew Security

This course is designed to provide aircrew of UK registered qualifying aircraft with the skills to conduct their security duties, understand the legal framework of security, the current threat, and awareness of the wider security issues

Classroom & eLearning

HR Security Vetting

This course is designed to assist those responsible for completing mandatory vetting in understanding their role and responsibilities in accordance with EU regulation 2015/1998 (as retained in UK law)


Explosive Trace Detection (ETD)

This course is designed to train ETD operators in the use of explosive trace detection equipment. The course will give the staff the skills to use the ETD machine and demonstrate sampling techniques as well as escalation process


Dangerous Goods – Non-Carrier

This course will benefit all new and existing staff who require Dangerous Goods non-carrier training as part of their role


Recognition of Firearms and Explosives Awareness

This non-regulatory foundation course in the recognition of firearms and explosives is separate from the Department for Transport mandated RFX instructors course


Train the Trainer

This workshop will equip those responsible for instructing and developing others in the workplace with the confidence and competence to share their subject matter expertise with colleagues effectively


X-ray Awareness Training

This course is designed to equip security staff with responsibility for screening packages via X-ray with the knowledge and skills to be able to use the full functionality of an X-ray effectively


Exterior Aircraft Search

This course is designed for those required to conduct searching/checking of exterior areas of aircraft and cargo aircraft, but do not have the wider responsibilities covered in the GSO, Aircrew Security or Cargo courses


Hold Baggage Reconciliation (HBR)

This course is designed for those who are responsible for handling and reconciling hold baggage, including check-in staff, dispatchers, appointed persons and baggage loaders


Body and Bag Search Training

This course will show you how to conduct a body and bag search in a systematic way while being aware of and responding effectively to the specific needs of people when applying the search methodology.